About Primitive Addictions

Hello everyone, My names Christopher Russell and I run “Primitiveaddictions” This term encompasses my love of the outdoors, and my need to constantly see and experience new things. I don’t like half-measures. More importantly, I’m terrible at them. The phrase primitive addictions came about while I was hiking the Appalachian Trail. I realized that in the weeks I’d been on it I hadn’t wanted a drink, social interaction, or any of my usual pastimes. I realized that the only thing I’d craved was to get to the next stunning view point, or the next shelter where I’d get to experience some trail magic with other solo hikers. I call this my primitive addiction; that need for exploration, and not knowing what lies ahead but still wanting to keep hiking. It’s throwing yourself completely into an experience which may not be entirely safe, but the end result is a collection of knowledge that can only be gained by continuing to shuffle through even when it may be in your best interest to stop.


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